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This is our Prvacy Policy (under development)

Website HostingWe will manage your site to the highest standards, implementing regular audits to ensure the best defences are in place to protect against hacking, and putting automated backups in place.  We will host your site at cost site at which is recognised as one of the top hosting companies in the business.  This arrangement ensures that you have control of your site, and if you want to take it to another support organistion then there will be no barriers or stress (of course we hope it would never come to that!).

Bespoke DevelopmentGeneric services can never hit the spot when you have something specific in mind.  So, we can build bespoke solutions to meet your needs!  

We use Joomla! as our base, this content management system provides a robust and scalable framework in which to build almost any website, from the FIFA World Cup to the smallest local residents' association.  As such it is free, and developers have provided many servies to enhance its capabilities, some free some paid.  These are never expensive and often very good.

But sometimes you need a little extra...this is where we can help with bespoke development...